imagesDr. Strange,  Spirituality and the Multiverse – a magnetic combination for many. Makes you want to understand your inner powers and get a hold of it. Makes you want to understand the elements and learn how to make things better, maybe to heal yourself first, a wound, a hurt, an emotional scar or even a chronic ailment. You want to analyse yourself and find out your faults, weaknesses and address them.

There is no God and no Devil in this Multiverse. There is Good and there is Bad. There is always Good and Bad. So whatever be the Universe you are in, The Good and The Bad are omnipotent.  The tussle is between mortality & Immortality with the winner being Mortality. You can only value life and time if there is death. You can value a moment, an emotion, a relation, only if you know that it cannot last forever. It has to end. This brings about the beauty of Life.

But then there is another dimension, the spiritual dimension. The dimension that many learned yogis, aghoris, sorcerers, gurus, and mahatmas have understood. Many strive to attain. It is the Spiritual Dimension that brings about ‘inner peace’.

Another important issue raised in the movie is related to Astral Projection – when you move out of your physical form. How the protagonists in this movie have mastered Astral Projection is something that one may have read about in Books of Yogis and Mahatmas. The documented Near Death Experiences of people, especially children, have led to strong indications that this dimension exists.

This movie has made me want to share an experience of my teenage life that I had kept hidden in the deepest recess of my memory for many years and had finally revealed to my soulmate. He made me understand that that experience must have happened and was totally believable.

When I joined college and shifted to the hostel in Delhi University, I had a fever a week after I joined. I tried Paracetamol but fever did not come down. Still I attended lectures next day and found that the fever is not coming down. I told my roommate that I had high fever and was unable to get up. My Local Guardian was the Chief Physician of Hindu Rao Hospital. So all of a sudden my life seemed less complicated and I gave my roomy his Phone number and told her to contact him. The Hostel Warden was notified of my fever.

I was in my Local Guardian’s house by 5:30 pm. They asked me to lie down on the divan kept in the dining space. Uncle checked my temperature. The next minute Aunty was putting cold compress on my forehead. I asked her about my temperature. She said the thermometer seemed to be faulty so someone had gone to get a new one. My temperature was checked again with the new thermometer. I asked again about the temperature and Uncle said it was more than 41 degrees C. That sounded fine as I was actually feeling quite light.  The paracetamol must be doing its work.

I was feeling lighter now and all the sounds around me suddenly seemed to have died down. Maybe uncle and aunty had left me to rest for a while. The TV was on. I was feeling so weightless that I was loving it. I was so near the TV now. I vividly remember the feeling that I could practically touch it. How weightless can one feel? The feeling was amazing. How did the TV come so near?

After that the next memory was of bright sunlight in the room. Where was I? There was no TV in front of me. I was not on the Divan but on a double bed. It was the bedroom. Uncle and Auntie came towards me when they saw me try to get up. They asked me how I was feeling. I felt fine.  But how did I reach this bed on the first floor? I had no recollection. Uncle told me that I had passed out due to the high fever. They had been by my side for hours and had kept putting cold compress on my forehead. I could not tell them about the feeling of lightness and of being near the TV. I could not tell anyone. They would think I was crazy because I had become weightless and had loved the feeling. I was sort of flying otherwise how else could I touch the TV when I was lying on the Divan 7-8 feet away from it. Maybe I was crazy.

Uncle told me how worried they were as the fever had stayed very high for hours. They had phoned my parents and discussed about the steps to take to bring down the fever.  I guess I was in another dimension during the moments when I was causing so much panic and worry to others.

It was much later in life that for the first time in my life talked of this experience with my husband. He was the one who told me that the most likely explanation is the so called ‘out of body experience’.

So I guess Dr.Strange was not that strange after all.