Is it OK for politicians to question the EVMs only when they lose an election? Were these same EVMs working fine when these same political parties had won earlier elections?

AAP, BSP and now SP are accusing BJP of EVM tampering.

Regarding the appropriateness of the subject, here are a few serious points to ponder with regards to the election results in the recent 5 state elections. The 5 states being- UP, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa.

  •  Elections in a state are conducted by the state government machinery.
  •  The only thing common in the result of the recent 5 state elections is the fact that all 5 ruling parties have lost in these states.
  • AAP was contesting in Punjab and Goa. In these 5 states BJP did the worst in Punjab and second worst in Goa.
  •  Both these states, Punjab and Goa had BJP governments.
  •  In UP the administration was totally SP controlled so how come they lost so badly.
  •  The proof of SP control in UP is clear from the fact that Gayatri Prajapati was promptly found in Lucknow after the results came in and BJP came into power.
  •  It is to be noted that on the Day of election, every political party has an agent inside every booth. These agents  participate in a mock poll just before the election starts, on the day of election. They press the buttons and check whether the results are as per their mock voting.
  •  These machines are deliberately low tech devices with no software based operating system which can be remotely manipulated.
  • The reports on foreign media about theoretical capacity to tamper with electronic voting machines never give details about hoe exactly it is applicable to Indian EVMs.
  •  The serial numbers of the machines are randomly allocated within the district to different constituencies and then kept in secure storage under the political parties watch.
  •  At this point the candidates list is not final thus no one knows which candidate is at what serial number.
  •  After the elections the machines are continuously under political parties watch till the counting.
  •  Lastly, if BJP manipulated the EVMs, how come in both states where AAP is contesting, Congress emerged a comfortable leader.
  •  Does this mean that Congress was manipulating EVM’s in Punjab and Goa? See where this twisted logic leads to.

It is shameful to see the politicos not owning up to their mistakes . Instead of accepting the fact that public did not vote for them, they are trying to obfuscate the real issues by making  illogical claims. Apparently it is easy to apportion blame everywhere else, except to blame their own shortcomings which resulted in their rejection by the voters. I am not for or against any party, but this senseless blame game jars on my nerve. It makes no sense to give any credence to such opportunistic ploys by political parties.