Ingredients:  Pad Thai; sweet and sour

  1. Rice flat noodles     – a handful
  2. chopped garlic         – a table spoon full
  3. one diced large onion
  4. two julliened carrots
  5. diced cabbage – a bowlfull
  6. bulbs of spring onions – diced
  7. spring onion greens – a handful
  8. some dark jaggery
  9. tamarind  -5-6 pieces
  10. chilly sauce – as per taste
  11. Oil for cooking –  2-3 tablespoon full
  12.  salt to taste

Optional Ingredients: julliened bell peppers, bean sprouts or moong sprouts, mushrooms, crushed fried peanuts, red chillie flakes etc.

STEP :1      Soak the dark jaggery and tamarind together in some water and keep it aside.      ( dark jaggery is preferred over light coloured jaggery as the light coloured one goes through chemical processing).



STEP  :2     Chop the vegetables.



STEP :3       in a wok or kadhai add 2-3 tablespoon full of oil. Once oil is hot add the chopped garlic. Saute it a bit then add the diced onions and bulbs of spring onions. keep the flame on medium to high.



STEP : 4  Alongside the cooking of vegetables, cook the rice noodles.       In a vessel/big pan boil 1 & 1/2 litres of water. Add half a teaspoon of salt to it and a few drops of oil. Add the rice flat noodles to the boiling water and let it cook for a while.  Do not overcook. It should be aldente i.e. almost ready.


The Rice Noodles are ready. Use a colander to drain out the water. keep the hot noodles aside.



STEP :5.  Back to the veggies. Once the onions are done then add the chopped vegetables. Add salt to the veggies. Add some green chilly sauce ( as per taste). Add the spring onion greens when other veggies are soft and almost done.Keep sauteing for some more time.



STEP : 6. Once the veggies are done, next step is to add the cooked Flat Noodles into the Kadhai. Stir the contents for a while.



STEP:  7. Now add the jaggery cum tamarind juices to the kadhai. Strain the liquid before adding it. Check the almost done Pad Thai for seasoning.



STEP:  8. When Pad Thai is ready, add some finally chopped spring onion greens as garnish.