There are so many varieties of pakodas we Indians make and savour. Pakodas are an all time favourite and one can make as per one’s taste.

By this method of cooking, the pakodas will absorb less oil and it will be a much healthier snack.

Ingredients for mixed veg pakodas:

Onions – 4 medium sized. Finely sliced.

Potatoes- 3 medium sized. Peeled. Thin finger slices.

Spring onions- half a bunch. Cut small.

Coriander leaves- 1/4 th of a bunch. Coarsely cut

Green chillies- as per taste. I have used half a chilie as can’t tolerate the heat.

Gram flour or Besan- 150 gm

Rice flour – 100gm

Oil for frying.

Turmeric/haldi- 1/4 tsp

Salt to taste -1 tsp


Step 1. Mix all the ingredients well. Do not add any water. Leave the mixture for 30 mins. The veggies will release water on contact with salt. Mix it well to check whether there is enough water. If too dry then sprinkle a little water and leave for 5 minutes. (The mixture should not be runny).

Step 2. Heat oil in a Kadhai. I do not use a lot of oil. Just enough to submerge the pakodas. Take little amounts of the mixture and gently put it in the hot oil.

Step 3. Keep turning the pakodas. They should be golden brown on both sides. Carefully take them out.

Ready to eat with sauce/ chutney of your choice.

Potato pakodas:


Potatoes- 3 large sized. Peeled and sliced into roundels.

Gram flour or Besan-100 gms

Rice flour- 80 gms


Pepper powder


Oil for frying.

(Chilli powder- as per preference)

Step 1. Mix the ingredients. Sprinkle a little water on the mixture. The mixture should still be substantially dry at this stage.

(Potato slices)

The potatoes will release water after some time.

(Potatoes in the mixture after 30 mins)

Step 2. Once the potatoes have released water and the consistency is good then the slices can be deep fried.

Step 3. Cook both sides till golden brown.

Ready to eat

If some batter remains then one can add some sliced onions, leaks or chillies. I made some pakodas with leaks and one green chilli. My son likes fried chillies.

(Leaks and green chillies in the left over batter)

These are very tasty and to be had with caution and a glass of water. 😀

( rings of leak)

(chilli pakoda)

Enjoy these tasty savouries with a cup of tea.